10 Disturbing Photos of Parents Whilst Out! (WFT)

We all know that kids don’t come with instructions, yet that doesn’t make these parenting FAILS any easier to look at! What on earth were these people thinking?? especially the parent in picture no:5, say WHAAAT?!?! 

#1 Dad Taking Snowboarding To The Extreme! Don’t fall..

#2 You just lay there… I’ve just smashed the high score!

#3 Clearly Mummy has high hopes for her daughter’s future career!

#4 Sports Mad Daddy..

#5 Mum taking ironing to a whole new level – WT….F!!!

#6 A Nice Casual Stroll Along The Beach With Mummy And Daddy.

#7 Dad obviously needs lessons on how gravity works (What a knob)

#8 My dad is such a fashionista

#9 Parents walking hand-in-hand – HANG IN THERE SON!!!

#10 Daddy! Daddy! Save some for me..

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Written by Chad


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