Steve Harvey Tells Audience To 'JUMP' - He Had No Idea Cameras Were Still Rolling. Now it's Gone Viral!!!

Steve Harvey thought it would be a good idea to tell the audience of 'Family Feud' to "JUMP" after the show had finished, however, he had no idea that the cameras were still rolling.

Listen to what Steve Harvey said next...

Steve Harvey Tells The Audience To " JUMP " - Now It's Gone Viral, Oops!!!

One of the most famous comedians in the United States 'Steve Harvey’ has been working as the host on the popular game show ‘Family Feud’ since 2010. 

And what many didn’t know is that Steve Harvey normally takes time out to talk to the audience after each ‘Family Feud’ episode has aired. 

In this video clip which hadn’t aired before now, you see Steve giving an inspirational speech to the audience. He explains to the audience that one needs to ‘JUMP’ in order to become successful in life, and that making the jump is something that ‘ALL’ successful people have done! 

Everything that Steve Harvey says in this uplifting and motivational video clip should resinate with us all. And when he talks about God, just sit back and listen as its an important message which we should all remember and share with others.

Share this truly inspirational video of 'Steve Harvey' with friends and family. It could change their life, forever!