Man Caught With His Pants Down at Child’s 5th Birthday Party Gets 'BRUTALLY' Beaten!

A man caught with his pants down at young child’s birthday party get's 'BRUTALLY' beaten in a Brazilian street by a crazed mob.

What would you have done?

Footage has recently emerged on the internet of a young 'MAN' being brutally beaten-up in the middle of a street in Brazil by a group of bloodthirsty people!

Allegedly... the man who was attacked by this crazed mob is a 'Pedophile' who was caught with a young girl at a child’s 5th birthday party in the "Complexo do Alemão", which is the northern favela in Rio de Janeiro.  

The description of the video reports the man was found ‘without his pants’ by the mother of a 6-year-old girl who was also in the room. 

The mother was surprised that her 6 year old daughter was not at the party - So she went searching and saw a door ajar, and entered! Upon entering the room she caught the man in the act... he was without his pants beginning to abuse the daughter!

Watch the brutal attack unfold in the video below. 

What is everyone's thoughts on this? Justice served or could it have been dealt with differently?

Warning : This Video Contains Graphic Content! (Over 18's Only)